The simple way to organize your volunteers

Streamline Applications from Your Website

Request to have volunteerTracker integrated with your website, and enjoy the streamlined process of volunteers applying online and having their data “sync” directly into your volunteerTracker account.

Customizable Volunteer Application and Waivers

Build multiple volunteer applications to accommodate individuals and groups. Select your own required fields, add custom data points to collect, and create your own waivers

Create Unlimited Volunteer Opportunities

Plan and organize your entire year’s worth of volunteer opportunities including repeating opportunities such as dinner shifts, delivery driver shifts, and more. Opportunities can be “claimed” by” your volunteers from home by logging into their own volunteerTracker account.

Integration with Our Time Clock

Your volunteers can easily log into our TimeClock with their username and password, or by having their badge scanned. By streamlining your time reporting, volunteerTracker can report on volunteer hours by department, building, and more.

Intuitive Profiles and Volunteer Badges

Simple yet intuitive profiles allow you to easily record their demographic information, emergency contacts, interests, and more.
The smart Way To Track Your Volunteers - Right At Your Fingertips