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Simply the smart way to go

hrTracker is a cloud-based staff database and human resource management system that allows you to easily manage your organization's most precious resource - your team members. You'll quickly see the benefit of managing your staff members within MissionTracker, and you'll enjoy features such as:

  • Unlimited staff member profiles.
  • Viewing pay rates over time, as well as pay history by department. 
  • Keeping track of paid time off (PTO) for each employee, as well as their PTO requests. 
  • Performing reviews of your staff members with our pre-built review system. 
  • Unlimited document storage per staff member profile. 
  • Layer your staff schedules and shifts in the MissionTracker calendar.

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Simply the smart way to go

volunteerTracker is a cloud-based volunteer management application that allows you to easily manage your volunteers, their profiles, all of your volunteer applications, and more.

  • Enjoy unlimited Volunteer profiles.
  • Create and manage unlimited volunteer opportunities. 
  • Watch your volunteers "enroll" into one of your volunteer opportunities from their device, at home. 
  • Enjoy flushing out volunteer profiles with their availability, skills, interest levels, and more. 
  • Layer your volunteer opportunites and shifts in the MissionTracker calendar. 

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Simply the smart way to track your guests and residents

residentTracker is a cloud-based application that empowers missions and christian non-profit homeless shelters to easily manage their night-by-night emergency guests as well as long term residents (enrolled guests).

  • Easily check in guests for emergency overnight stays. 
  • Enroll guests into one of your programs. 
  • Enjoy fast, flexible case noting for your residents. 
  • Scan & Tap - Easily record services you provide, classes, and more to a resident's badge. 
  • 40+ Pre-built reports on your residents, your services provided, and more.

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missionTracker Suite

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Simply the smart way to go

MissionTracker is software for homeless shelters, faith-based rescue missions and life transformation ministries - and is a web-based (cloud-based) database application that allows your organization to easily track your residents, volunteers and staff members - all in one system, all through one vendor, all with one learning curve, and securely in the cloud.

We're confident your organization will appreciate the efficiencies of MissionTracker, such as:

  • Managing all of your client data (both overnight and long term enrollees) in one system.
  • Utilizing a single time clock for your residents, volunteers and even staff members. 
  • Having your employees benefit from a simpler learning curve (all of our modules are designed the same way). 
  • Having all of your employees' software privileges (permissions) in one location. 

MissionTracker was created by faith-based rescue missions and homeless shelters to benefit organizations of all kinds - including other homeless shelters, life transformation ministries, veterans shelters, abuse & recovery centers, and more. 

Tracking since 2010 Simple and
smarter management.

The MissionTracker Suite has everything your gospel rescue mission or non profit homeless shelter needs to effectively manage your organization - all with ease, on any device, and backed up in the cloud.

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why choose missiontracker? The MissionTracker difference

Tracking your residents, organizing your volunteers, and managing your staff members is now easier and smarter than ever… and all in one powerful program.

Secured Data

Put your mind at ease knowing that your data is stored securely in the cloud. By utilizing technologies such as SSL / TLS protection for all connections, proprietary encryption of your data combined with user-based permission systems - your organization can be assured your system is only accessed by those with access (and permission) as well as your data is secured both in transit, and at rest. With our cloud-based hosting, your data is also securely backed up and protected against hardware failure and natural disasters.

Client, Program Enrollment, and Outcome Tracking

Your organization will have more data at its fingertips than ever before and you’ll always be informed of the people you’re serving, their visits and enrollments, their progress within your programs, and more - such as vouchers given, spiritual commitments measured, and much more…

Fully Customizable

Your installation of MissionTracker allows you to completely customize the software to your organization’s needs - all without negatively affecting other MissionTracker clients and customized in such a way to be future-proof from our planned core updates to the system.

Frequently Updated

MissionTracker has seen 160 refinements, new tools, new reports, and more since October of 2017. Now that’s progressive. Where other software providers built their platform, and then forget about it for years - the development team behind MissionTracker is investing 150 hours per month into the core system - releasing updates to the systems every 2-3 months. By staying engaged with our clients, and encouraging dialogue and suggestions, we remain committed to keeping MissionTracker a software solution built By Missions - For Missions.

Client success Stories

Bill - Rescue Mission Alliance - SFVRM
Oxnard, CA

The Training was tailored for our specific mission. I liked the interactivity, the ability to get answers "on the spot", and watching the light bulbs go on in the room as to how to make MissionTracker do what we needed it to do. :-)

Cal Nelson - Wheeler Mission Ministries
Indianapolis, IN

We researched 3 other companies from Apricot, to Spero, to Client Track. None of these companies matched up with JB Systems' willingness to get involved in the creative process of data system development for missions. JB Systems pricing was by far the cheapest of all three and their ongoing support has been responsive to our needs and quick to solve problems or issues encountered. I would highly recommend JB Systems (MissionTracker) to any mission across the country.

Chris Keyes
Redwood Gospel Mission - Santa Rosa, CA

I think a lot of missions or ministries like rescue missions deal with the same headache of HMIS and whether or not we should participate, how we can participate. We always want to be good partners in the community, but we didn't exactly know how to participate cause HMIS wasn't necessarily demographics or information we needed. So we wanted to find something that would be more of a data system that could help us with recidivism, case studies, tracking outcomes...because so often, I'm telling managers not to focus on outcomes but to focus on process. The outcomes will come as a result of focusing on the process. We switched from 'ancient tactics' to MissionTracker, so it was quite a culture shift for us, but when we got used to it, it added an element to our ministry that has been transformational. We are participating in HMIS on a minimized level, but it satisfies the needs for HUD and also helps us with our PIT count that we participate with.

David Cerilla, Cory Cole
Springs Rescue Mission - Colorado Springs, CO

MissionTracker has been a game changer. What we’ve seen is when major donors come in, they don’t want the emotion they want facts and figures, so being able to pull it up on my phone as I’m showing them around our campus...'Hey, what’s the age range? How many people were here today? How many meals were served?'...we can give them true instant facts. Taking that emotion away and showing them what they are really doing has been very helpful for the rescue mission.

It's giving us the ability to have more data points, more benchmarks, which then speak to the validity of programming the longevity of our interactions. It’s very beneficial to a long-term relationship with clients.

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