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Case Manager’s Dashboard

Quickly view your entire case load - at a glance - and enjoy quick links to each of your client's profiles or case notes. Additionally, you can hover over a client's image to see how they're progressing on your program.

Customizable Intake and Profiles

Customize the intake process for your organization's needs. Do you need a rapid intake for your emergency shelter guests? Check. How about a long form intake for your program enrollees? We've got that covered too.

Flexible Case Notes

Organize your mission's programs into Outcome Categories - and enjoy residentTracker's case noting engine that allows you to store case notes in various categories (or, what we like to call... buckets). Would you like to separate your financial case notes (and who sees them) from your mental health case notes? Yeah, we thought so. That’s what our case note engine does. Nice.

40+ Reports

Looking to report Outcomes to your board? We’ve got you covered. How about how many shelter nights you provided over the last five years? Yup, we've got that too. Meals? Already counted for you. Demographic totals? Yes, yes, and more yes. Our 40+ reports will have most of your reporting needs covered - right out of the box.

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