Effectively communicate with your staff

Comprehensive Profiles & Staff Badges

Easily create profiles for your staff members and print them their own badge for your organization. Badges can be used for your staff members to log in to TimeClock or to be quickly scanned to open their profile.

Streamline Applications From Your Website

Request to have hrTracker integrated with your website, and enjoy the streamlined process of new interview candidates applying online and having their data “sync” directly into your hrTracker account.

Comprehensive Performance Reviews

Store all of your performance reviews and “Check Ins” with your staff members right within hrTracker.

PTO System With Built In Accrual

Easily keep track of your employees’ PTO balance, requests, and fulfilled requests. Additionally, hrTracker allows you to set up your accrual system so hrTracker can do the heavy lifting and keep track of PTO hours as they accrue.

Track your shelter guests with ease

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Effectively organize your volunteers

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