The smart way to track your residents and overnight emergency guests Say"Good-Bye" to Your Papers, Excel or
Old Database Systems.

Say "Hello" To 10 Hours of Your Week Back.

ResidentTracker is a custom cloud-based software suite designed exclusively for rescue missions. Originally launched in 2010, rebuilt in 2012, and completely re-imagined for 2018 after partnering with over 50 rescue missions and faith-based homeless shelters. ResidentTracker is a cloud-based software suite that allows your organization to easily track the people you help as a gospel mission or homeless shelter. Effectively come alongside them to help manage and improve their educational gaps, financial shortfalls, medical needs, and relational wounds. Monitor visits, track vouchers, and run custom reports quickly, saving your valuable staff time that can then be used to build relationships and change lives. ResidentTracker can be easily integrated with your website and is completely web-based so you can access it from anywhere. With ResidentTracker, every department in your organization will benefit from tools we've designed... specifically for rescue missions.

Your Security Team will enjoy tools such as our Organization Log (meant to replace their hand-written log book at the front desk), as well as our Tracking Sheet, Roster Notes, and Bed Check-In Reports. They'll also enjoy creating unlimited permission groups within ResidentTracker to ensure all employees only have the exact tools and permissions that they need for their job.

Your Intake Team will appreciate our customizable intake process, streamlined photo taking tools, easy badge printing process, customizable required fields and quick reports to view the day's roster notes and daily schedule details. Your team can simply scan a badge to check someone in or check that client into a class or service.

Your Case Managers will appreciate our brand new Case Managers Dashboard that easily displays of their clients on a single page, with one-click access to a resident's file or to their case notes.
ResidentTracker's case noting system allows for multiple categories (outcome categories) so you can separate financial case notes, let's say, from recovery or addiction case notes.
Additionally, case managers can manage client's schedules with MissionTracker's built-in calendar. 

Your Directors will love our 40+ pre-designed reports, including reports specifically designed to separate your organization's "outputs" from your "outcomes". What is the difference? Contact us to learn how we've separated these two important concepts for our clients. Additionally, your directors will love our 'Outcomes Report Card' that visually shows how your entire client base (both men and women) is doing with your Universal Outcomes. 

Have we left anyone out? With over 50 tools specifically built for client and emergency guest management, we're convinced you'll find ResidentTracker the perfect fit for your mission.

Explore The Features

Customizable Intake & Profiles

Customize the intake process for your organization’s needs. Do you need a rapid intake for your emergency shelter guests? Check. How about a long form intake for your program enrollees? We’ve got that covered too.

Case Manager’s Dashboard

Quickly view your entire case load - at a glance - and enjoy quick links to each of your client’s profiles or case notes. Additionally, you can hover over a client’s image to see how they’re progressing on your program.

Flexible Case Notes

Organize your mission’s programs into Outcome Categories - and enjoy residentTracker’s case noting engine that allows you to store case notes in various categories (or, what we like to call… buckets). Would you like to separate your financial case notes (and who sees them) from your mental health case notes? Yeah, we thought so. That’s what our case note engine does. Nice.

40+ Reports

Looking to report Outcomes to your board? We’ve got you covered. How about how many shelter nights you provided over the last five years? Yup, we’ve got that too. Meals? Already counted for you. Demographic totals? Yes, yes, and more yes. Our 40+ reports will have most of your reporting needs covered - right out of the box.

6 Reasons We love residentTracker

Our packages are customizable to fit your needs!

  • 1

    Easily Manage Residents on-the-go

    residentTracker is cloud-based. In fact, we launched it long before the cloud was called the “cloud”. Easily manage your residents on-the-go…from your tablet, smart phone, or computer.

  • 2

    Built By Missions...For Missions

    residentTracker was built by missions … for missions. You won’t find sterile or clinical type processes within residentTracker. In fact, our intake system was praised for how it keeps your intake process conversational. Ask us how.

  • 3

    Unlimited Resident Profiles

    Enjoy unlimited resident profiles, both active and inactive ones.

  • 4

    Customize Your Intake

    Enjoy over 140 intake fields pre-built into residentTracker. Oh yeah, you can add your custom ones too.

  • 5

    Easy Case Managment

    Quickly see who’s checked into each of your beds each night, by building, for easy roll call and case management.

  • 6

    Create Universal Outcomes

    Create Universal Outcomes for your organization - and track who accomplishes them from all of your programs.

The smart way to track your residents - right at your fingertips

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