The smart way to track your staff Easily oversee and maintain the growth of your employees.

Easily oversee and maintain the growth of your employees. Manage PTO, benefits, reviews and tax documents. Assign training classes, send reminders, and integrate with your website to streamline new applications…all with ease, on any device, and backed up in the cloud.

Additionally, you can customize your PTO and benefits to allow for auto-accrual of PTO hours for your employees and have hrTracker send automatic reminders when benefits are open for enrollment or anniversaries are met.

Explore The Features

Comprehensive Profiles & Staff Badges

Easily create profiles for your staff members and print them their own badge for your organization.  Badges can be used for your staff members to log in to TimeClock or to be quickly scanned to open their profile.

Streamline Applications From Your Website

Request to have hrTracker integrated with your website, and enjoy the streamlined process of new interview candidates applying online and having their data “sync” directly into your hrTracker account.

Comprehensive Performance Reviews

Store all of your performances reviews and “Check Ins” with your staff members right within hrTracker.

PTO System With Build In Accrual

Easily keep track of your employee’s PTO balance, requests, and fulfilled requests. Additionally, hrTracker allows you to set up your accrual system - so hrTracker can do the heavy lifting and keep track of PTO hours as they accrue.

6 Reasons We love hrTracker

Our packages are customizable to fit your needs!

  • 1

    Easily Manage Your Staff

    hrTracker is cloud-based and allows you to manage your staff members. Additionally, your staff members can log in from home to check their schedule, make a PTO request, and more.

  • 2

    Unlimited Staff Profiles

    Enjoy unlimited staff member profiles, both active and inactive ones.

  • 3

    Print Staff Badges

    Print badges for your staff to use with TimeClock - and have them log in and out of their shifts.

  • 4

    Easily Manage PTO

    PTO System with built In accrual feature.

  • 5

    Convenient Staff Reporting

    At-a-glance reports for reviews, birthdays, and work anniversaries.

  • 6

    Report Staff Hours

    Report on all staff hours by staff member, building, or department.

The smart way to track your staff - right at your fingertips

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