Why choose hrTracker?


Simplify your human resource management

Managing employees can be tough! With hrTracker, we can help make the managing of your employees more successful with our HR management solution. Learn more about why our clients love hrTracker.

Why Our Clients love hrTracker

Our packages are customizable to fit your needs!

Easily Manage Your Staff

hrTracker is cloud-based and allows you to manage your staff members. Additionally, your staff members can log in from home to check their schedule, make a PTO request, and more.

Unlimited Staff Profiles

Enjoy unlimited staff member profiles, both active and inactive ones.

Print Staff Badges

Print badges for your staff to use with TimeClock and have them log in and out of their shifts.

Easily Manage PTO

PTO System with built-in accrual feature.

Convenient Staff Reporting

At-a-glance reports for reviews, birthdays, and work anniversaries.

Report Staff Hours

Report on all staff hours by staff member, building, or department.

The smart Way To Track Your Staff - Right at Your Fingertips