Why choose residentTracker?


Our homeless shelter software is designed
specifically for homeless shelters, faith-based ministries, and human services agencies.

ResidentTracker is built from operational experience in homeless shelters, transitional housing, and many types of life transformation ministries. The tools are designed to make the day-to-day work of intake specialists, program managers, case managers, and directors easier and more efficient, leaving more time for client, guest, and resident support. 

As a small company, it’s our goal to keep MissionTracker affordable for even the smallest organizations while still offering an expanding list of robust tools and features that larger organizations demand. All of this while supporting clients with a team of experienced professionals.

We researched 3 other companies from Apricot, to Spero, to Client Track. None of these companies matched up with JB Systems' willingness to get involved in the creative process of data system development for missions. JB Systems pricing was by far the cheapest of all three and their ongoing support has been responsive to our needs and quick to solve problems or issues encountered. I would highly recommend JB Systems (MissionTracker) to any mission across the country.

Cal Nelson

Wheeler Mission Ministries - Indianapolis, IN

MissionTracker has been a game changer. What we’ve seen is when major donors come in, they don’t want the emotion they want facts and figures, so being able to pull it up on my phone as I’m showing them around our campus...'Hey, what’s the age range? How many people were here today? How many meals were served?'...we can give them true instant facts. Taking that emotion away and showing them what they are really doing has been very helpful for the rescue mission.

It's giving us the ability to have more data points, more benchmarks, which then speak to the validity of programming the longevity of our interactions. It’s very beneficial to a long-term relationship with clients.

David Cerilla, Cory Cole

Springs Rescue Mission - Colorado Springs, CO

From the program standpoint, if you're in rescue mission world, you know this to be true: it's not just about the numbers; it's about the tension on the staff between those in the organization who need the numbers, and those who say 'If I do all the things you're asking me to do, I can't work with people and care about them anymore.' MissionTracker helped alleviate that tension and compliance became possible. It streamlined the process enough that we could do the things we needed to do from a data standpoint and still have time to sit with our guests, to hear stories, and that brought our whole organization together.

The bottom line is you guys care. You care about what boots-on-the-ground organizations go through.

Micah Heckert, Jonathan Vandervort

Life Path Christian Ministries - York, PA

I think a lot of missions or ministries like rescue missions deal with the same headache of HMIS and whether or not we should participate, how we can participate. We always want to be good partners in the community, but we didn't exactly know how to participate cause HMIS wasn't necessarily demographics or information we needed. So we wanted to find something that would be more of a data system that could help us with recidivism, case studies, tracking outcomes...because so often, I'm telling managers not to focus on outcomes but to focus on process. The outcomes will come as a result of focusing on the process. We switched from 'ancient tactics' to MissionTracker, so it was quite a culture shift for us, but when we got used to it, it added an element to our ministry that has been transformational. We are participating in HMIS on a minimized level, but it satisfies the needs for HUD and also helps us with our PIT count that we participate with.

Chris Keyes

Redwood Gospel Mission - Santa Rosa, CA

One of the biggest things MissionTracker did for us is it's all in one; for our staff, being able to track all of our guests no matter where they're at, and volunteers...MissionTracker takes care of all of it for us. It helps us run efficiently, and when we run efficiently, we're able to serve our guests the best we can.

MissionTracker when you first look at it, it looks like this big thing, this huge beast of a program, but when you really start getting into it you can tell there was intentionality put into every single part of MissionTracker. MissionTracker understands rescue missions and how we operate. It's worth any expense, 100% it's worth it. There are so many headaches that aren't there anymore beccause MissionTracker was intentional about how they developed the software.

Walter Merop

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission - Tyler, TX

Why Our Clients love residentTracker

Our packages are customizable to fit your needs

Easily Manage Residents on-the-go

residentTracker is cloud-based. In fact, we launched it long before the cloud was called the “cloud”. Easily manage your residents on-the-go…from your tablet, smart phone, or computer.

Built By Missions...For Missions

residentTracker was built by missions … for missions. You won’t find sterile or clinical type processes within residentTracker. In fact, our intake system was praised for how it keeps your intake process conversational. Ask us how.

Unlimited Resident Profiles

Enjoy unlimited resident profiles, both active and inactive ones.

Customize Your Intake

Enjoy over 140 intake fields pre-built into residentTracker. Oh yeah, you can add your custom ones too.

Easy Case Management

Quickly see who’s checked into each of your beds each night—, by building—, for easy roll call and case management.

Create Universal Outcomes

Create Universal Outcomes for your organization  - and track who accomplishes them from all of your programs.

The smart Way To Track Your Residents - Right at Your Fingertips