Success Stories from MissionTracker Clients

From 300 bed missions in Dallas, Texas to 30 bed missions in Southern Wisconsin - MissionTracker has clients from coast to coast engaged and happy with our software.
Read some of our testimonials below to find out how MissionTracker made a difference in their mission, and how we helped them track their homeless shelter guests, volunteers, and more.

"The Training was tailored for our specific mission. I liked the interactivity, the ability to get answers "on the spot", and watching the light bulbs go on in the room as to how to make MissionTracker do what we needed it to do. :-)"

Bill - Rescue Mission Alliance - SFVRM -

Oxnard, CA

"We researched 3 other companies from Apricot, to Spero, to Client Track. None of these companies matched up with JB Systems' willingness to get involved in the creative process of data system development for missions. JB Systems pricing was by far the cheapest of all three and their ongoing support has been responsive to our needs and quick to solve problems or issues encountered. I would highly recommend JB Systems (MissionTracker) to any mission across the country."

Cal Nelson - Wheeler Mission Ministries -

Indianapolis, IN

"The Orlando Union Rescue Mission has found JB Systems to be a reliable, cost effective, fully customizable computer system which allows our ministry to track the more than 90,200 nights of shelter and 359,000 meals we provide for the homeless men, women and children of Central Florida each year. It is a user friendly, web based system which has allowed our staff, even those with basic computer skills, the opportunity to generate practical reports and fully utilize this centralized tracking program."

John - Orlando Union Rescue Mission -

Orlando, FL

"Since the summer of 2016, Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County has been using MissionTracker for our data management. The experience with them has been phenomenal. MissionTracker stands apart from other data collection systems primarily because of the way in which we are able to interact with those who design, develop and implement the program: directly! By not having to go through a phone tree of options, or talking to a “Customer Service Specialist” or a Salesperson makes all the difference in the world. When I have a need, I can call my Project Manager, my Developer and/or the Owner of the company directly – this makes everything simplified and expedient. The high touch approach of the MissionTracker Team has allowed us to make a smooth transition from a previous vendor which normally would be a very painful and tumultuous experience.

Oh yeah, and the MissionTracker suite is awesome too! Having the entire suite in one package without having to do piece meal module purchases is refreshing and having all of that for that monthly price!?!?! INCREDIBLE! The suite is nimble, customizable and intuitive – things that can’t really be said about other products out there.

For us at UGM-TC, serving over 1,000 meals a day with over 400 heads in beds each night, a system like MissionTracker is essential and has paid dividends in the areas of Grant Writing, Board Reporting and Program Evaluation/Performance Improvement. What is there not to like!?!?"

Keith A. Ackerman - LMSW, HS-BCP, Chief Operations Officer -

Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County

"Gerald was a trainer who took personal interest in each trainee and in the Ministry. Gerald was quite entertaining and a lot of fun! We all enjoyed ourselves as well as learned a great deal in our training. I would recommend Gerald for training to any size group even a small group such as we had. We could not be more pleased with Mission Tracker and with our hands on training!"

Lee - Peoria Rescue Mission -

Peoria, IL

"I really enjoy how simple MT is to use, this meant that the training was simple too. Rather than spending a lot of time focusing on the technical side of how to use the product, we were able to have a training that was much more practical. We really did walk away feeling like this is going to be easy to implement."

Melissa - Rescue Mission Alliance - SFVRM -

Los Angeles, CA