Independent Data ManagementVeterans Shelters and Clinics

MissionTracker’s suite of software provides client profiles, case management, bed and resource tracking, and program goals/objectives management for organizations that serve veterans of our Armed Forces. MissionTracker allows you to track your data independently of the HMIS systems used by many communities and continuums of care. This allows you to go deeper into your programming, offer a wider variety of services, or manage your operations more efficiently, while giving you the flexibility to export and share the data and avoid duplicate entry.

In support of your goals to help homeless veterans find affordable housing and re-enter society, we have adapted our tools to capture the data that veterans shelters and transitional housing organizations require.

Veterans data security and privacy is also a top priority. In addition to our already robust data security practices, MissionTracker offers additional HIPAA Compliant features in our ResidentTracker Pro license, to ensure confidentiality and data privacy for your clients/residents, if required or requested.

Track Data Points That Matter

MissionTracker collects all HUD HMIS data points, easily accessible through our trauma-informed intake process, in addition to data specifically geared toward homeless shelters for veterans:

  • All required HMIS data
  • Bed and meal tracking, including nightly roll call and off-campus pass system
  • Education and job training / vocational skills / certifications
  • Employment contacts and applications
  • VI-SPDAT scores
  • Housing and employment history records
  • Veteran Status (DD214, VA ID Card, VA Confirmation letter)
  • Background check records and sex offender status
  • Goals and objectives by program
  • Referrals
  • Program participation outcomes (completed goals/objectives/outcomes)
  • Resources given (meals, food boxes, clothing items, bus tokens, etc.)
  • Track incoming donations of food items, gift cards, hygiene items, etc.
  • Individual documents
  • Drug testing records

Report and Share Data - Stay in Control of Your Data

Make reporting faster for your team with over 40 pre-built reports on demographic data, resources given, program progress, and overall outcomes. Not only do the reports put data right at your fingertips, but they’re designed to support operations and development so you can focus on working with your clients. Did we mention many of the reports are customizable by you? And even more can be customized with a little help from our team.

Our ResidentTracker module has the tools to easily export all of your HMIS data to csv files ready to import by your CoC (Continuum of Care) HMIS database. You get the benefit of avoiding duplicate entry and staying in control of your data, while still sharing HMIS data to support your community’s efforts to serve the homeless or at-risk population.

Easily track Important Information For Your Mission