Focusing on Outcomes for Meaningful ChangeBuilt By Rescue Missions, For Missions & Faith-Based Shelters

Since 2010, MissionTracker has worked closely with gospel rescue missions, life transformation ministries, and other human services providers to develop a valuable suite of online tools with a focus on operations, outcomes, and outputs. 

Our bottoms-up approach to building this software is a major differentiator, as we consistently build our product roadmap around the needs of homeless shelters, life transformation ministries, recovery centers, veterans shelters, and other human services providers.

Instead of focusing on overreaching HUD data collection standards, MissionTracker’s engineers and product developers focus on operational, in-the-trenches tools focused on empowering your intake staff, security officers, case managers, and program directors to get their day-to-day work done thoroughly and in a timely manner. To top it off, our comprehensive goal tracking and outcomes measurement modules keep your directors, board members, and other stakeholders (including donors) abreast of your organization’s progress, from “beds and bowls” provided to the number of individuals graduated from your recovery programs and of those, who were stably housed.

That all of that being said, ResidentTracker and ResidentTracker Pro have been built with HUD’s universal data elements in mind ensuring your organization can fulfill any obligations of being a great community collaborator by sharing HUD structured data while, at the same time, maintaining autonomy and independence of your data and software suite. 

Now that’s what we call a win-win, and it's one of MissionTracker’s most important value propositions.

Track Data Points That Matter To Your Mission

  • Unique Guests Served
  • Unduplicated First Time Guests
  • Total Bed/Shelter Nights Provided
  • Recidivism Rates Across Varying Cross Segments
  • Program Completion Percentage Rates
  • Average Duration For Program and Program Phases
  • Complete Demographic Reports and Breakdowns
  • Much, much more. 

Report and Share Data - Tracking Human Services Data Made Easy

For program directors, executives, and external stakeholders such as board members, ResidentTracker and ResidentTracker Pro provide a comprehensive suite of reports and exports to maximize the reporting needs of your organization and empower your team with more quantitative and data-driven decision-making.

For operations staff and case managers, you can easily track and report on program enrollments, goal completions, program phase completions, and graduation rates. 

Your team can effortlessly report on all services that you provide, such as classes, bus tokens, food boxes, clothing items, and more. 

Does your board need a monthly or quarterly presentation on Outcomes completion and overarching key performance indicators (KPIs)? We have that as well, in the form of an interactive score card. 

ResidentTracker and ResidentTracker Pro also include several CSV exports and a fully compliant, HMIS Data Export (CSV) for sharing important data and metrics with other community members and participants of the continuum within your community. 

Why It Matters

Streamline Data Collection, Share Data, and Maintain Autonomy

Streamlining data collection, intake, post-intake, and program enrollment data is no easy task. Orange County Rescue Mission needed to accomplish all of this and more, due to taking on a special project of assisting the city of Tustin, CA.

With the help of ResidentTracker, they were successful in launching and maintaining a separate entity (and facility) to assist the city with managing their homeless population, all while meeting or exceeding the city's, and county’s, stringent data collection needs. When it came time to participate in the yearly HUD PIT count, MissionTracker responded with a customized PIT report to provide their partners using real-time data from ResidentTracker.

We love this story as it demonstrates MissionTracker’s commitment to providing strong data collection requirements (if needed) while still allowing Orange County Rescue Mission the autonomy to maintain their data and direction of their software needs - a winning combination.

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